Friday, October 22, 2010

Designs from the 101010 challenge already being chosen for print!

On the staff blog, threadless have announced that they are starting to print shirts for the 101010 design challenge, as its still going! Heres an exerpt from the blog entry:
BUT did you know we will be printing way more than just 3 designs??? In fact, designs have already started finishing scoring and we've already started picking some for print. And, they will be available for sale in a few weeks. We wanted to have as many of these amazing designs available in time for the holiday rush as we could. As outlined on the challenge page, we will be printing a lot of the designs that come through the challenge and then awarding the 3 big $10,000 winners in January. If your design is chosen for print early, it is still eligible to get the grand prize come January.

This is exciting! They're giving away $30,000 in total - $10k to 3 designers in 3 separate categories.

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